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SD-WAN Security Functions

Powerful Security Protection Embedded at Every Level

Avoid the need to acquire and manage multiple additional bolt-on security packages in your SD-WAN. Open Systems integrates comprehensive security features across our unified SD-WAN, so you can manage centrally and run worry-free.

Built-In Security Throughout Your Network

Next-Generation Firewall

Next-Generation Firewall

Get advanced filtering of all network traffic

Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway

Protect users from web threats via global access policies

DNS Filter

DNS Filter

Prevent malicious connections before they’re established

Network Detection & Response

Network Detection & Response

Eliminate your network blind spots

Enable Firewalls Within Your SD-WAN

Our Next-Gen Firewall protects your organization’s network servers and end-user machines not just by filtering traffic from both the internal network and the internet—but by leveraging multiple security zones within the network itself. Easily deploy a multi-tiered corporate security policy globally from a single pane of glass with filtered communications between zones, logging, access-control granularity, and optional site-specific rules.

Maximize Protections Against Malicious Sites

Securely enforce your organization’s internet access security policy for resources located in the public internet. Our integrated Secure Web Gateway, which includes SSL scanning, URL filtering, and malware protection, increases the level of protection of client machines against malicious content and restricts access to URL categories.

Get Intelligent Site Blocking

Enhance your threat protection—and enforce your global domain access policy—by blocking malicious or unwanted connections from within your network to the public internet. Whether from malware or an inadvertent software connection, the Open Systems DNS Filter blocks connections to malicious and undesirable domains by interrupting communications regardless of connection type.

Leverage Data from Across Your Network

Leverage Data from Across Your Network

Turn your network into a global mesh of virtual traffic sensors—without additional appliances. Open Systems AI-driven Network Detection & Response provides the answer—detecting compromised systems quickly and enabling efficient analysis and response. As with all Open Systems features, you can monitor current network threats globally, including host details and notifications of suspected malicious activity.

Leverage Data from Across Your Network