Cloud Sandbox

Protect Your Users from Previously Unknown Malware

Consisting of over 8,600 file attributes, our Cloud Sandbox includes an intelligent neural network to rapidly determine the presence of new, unknown malware. Our Cloud Sandbox leverages machine learning to continuously improve with every new file uploaded for analysis.

Why Choose Cloud Sandbox?

Defend Against the Unknown

An additional layer of web and email security protects you against brand new or unknown sophisticated threats.

Leading Technology

Analyzes over 8,600 file attributes and continuously trained for an effective and up-to-date malware radar.

Built-In Protection

Seamlessly integrated into standard file scanning of Secure Web Gateway and Secure Email Gateway.

How is the Cloud Sandbox Trained and Continuously Updated?

  • A neural network is set up to decide if a file contains malware
  • More than 8,600 file attributes serve as input to the neural network
  • Through a large data set containing malicious and clean, labelled files, the neural network is trained to distinguish one from another
  • Whenever a new, unknown file is uploaded to the Cloud Sandbox, the neural network determines whether the file contains malware, based on the previously seen files
  • With every uploaded file, the neural network gets smarter as machine learning perpetually tunes its evaluation capabilities to align to the most current known hallmarks of malware
  • Re-learning mechanisms ensure the continued accuracy of our neural network

When Cloud Sandbox Comes into Play

Beyond conventional malware scanning, our Cloud Sandbox also employs:

How To Buy

Cloud Sandbox is available as an add-on product to any of our SASE service plans. Our plans combine 24×7 expertise focused on connecting and protecting users, apps, sites and clouds – all unified on an intelligent platform.

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