Provide Secure Access to Anyone Anywhere

Zero Trust Networks Access (ZTNA) architecture follows an adaptive trust model, operating on a need-to-know, least-privilege basis.

Under ZTNA, only authenticated and authorized users, endpoints, and applications are granted access to corporate resources. Access is centrally managed, policy-based, and granular, ensuring flexibility and security.

Access Control For Today’s Digital Business

Connect Everything Securely

ZTNA provides flexible and secure access to users, sites, and partners using any device, anywhere in the world.

ZTNA Cloud

We offer integrated, smart routing via cloud-based ZTNA PoPs, ensuring higher performance.

True Zero Trust Architecture

By separating identity provider, traffic routing and ZTNA, the impact of a compromise can be minimized.

24x7 Fully Managed Service

Our ZTNA is delivered with all the required capabilities and functionalities to start using it today.

Reinvent How You Deliver Network and Security in the Cloud

Integrate Open Systems ZTNA with our cloud-based Managed SASE service for maximum protection and security. Begin your SASE journey with ZTNA and add our other services –  Secure Web Gateway, Mobile Entry Point, Firewall, and CASB – as needed. You can conveniently manage all these services from a unified interface.

How ZTNA Works

How To Buy

ZTNA is available as a stand alone product or as an add-on product to any of our Managed SASE service plans. Our plans combine 24×7 expertise focused on connecting and protecting users, apps, sites and clouds – all unified on an intelligent platform.