Financial Services

Leverage Strong Protections Against Attacks and Downtime

Financial services organizations present especially appealing targets for cyberattacks and must contend for a secure and performant global IT network that protects their users, the brand and includes fast, reliable and professional incident response.

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Meet All Your IT Challenges

Minimize the Risk of Phishing

Shield internal users, external clients, and the brand

Complement SASE with DevOps

Protect your most valuable assets from cyberattacks

Enable Global, Policy-based Compliance

Deliver complete, audit-ready enforcement processes

Maintain an Ultra-Reliable Network

Ensure high availability to leverage your robotic process automation (RPA)

Deliver Advanced Protection

Protect users and the brand against external threats with an integrated, 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) that combines expert analysis with built-in, best-of-breed SASE security features. These include unique phishing protection from the combined functionality of our Secure Email Gateway and our Secure Web Gateway, which can be enhanced with Advanced Threat Protection intelligence feeds and the deep analytics and reporting of our built-in DKIM/DMARC features.

Complement Your SASE with DevOps

As cybercrime happens where the money is, the financial services industry is one of the most frequent targets of cyberattacks. Create a globally distributed, fine-grained threat detection network through our edge-deployed Network Detection & Response (NDR).

Elevate Policy-based Security Processes

Complement and extend your existing enforcement processes while offering a transparent audit trail at every stage. Open Systems provides effortless integration with your existing compliance architecture without creating new overhead. Our Managed SASE service uniquely enables organizations to apply their desired policies globally and granularly across the network — while at the same time our NOC engineers seamlessly adapt to customers’ ticketing workflows.

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Ensure Network Reliability

Even your most effective robotic process automation (RPA) doesn’t mean much without a highly available network on which to operate. With Open Systems Managed SASE, you leverage as-a-service networking that incorporates quality, flexibility, and reliability at every level — hardware, lines, and third-party connectivity providers — so that your uptime gets maximum protection. Better still, we deliver an expert-level, 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) to proactively monitor and remediate issues before they impact your business.

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Leave Complexity

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