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Our employees are passionate about providing the best experience for our customers. As part of the Open Systems team, employees are empowered to make a real impact and drive positive change within the company and the industry.

Creating Strength Through Diversity

Open Systems is a diverse organization, representing people and cultures from around the world.

We celebrate openness, collaboration, creativity, and equity for everyone. We practice inclusion and equality every day, sharing in our successes, enriching every customer experience, and strengthening the communities where we live.

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Build And Grow Your Career

Find Your Career Path

People and careers move quickly at Open Systems. Once you’re onboard, we encourage you to actively explore distinct functions and roles to help you decide the next step in your career.

Ignite Your Learning

We inspire and support a culture of learning. Attend training courses for certifications, access a catalog of pioneering development material, and interact with diverse, talented people around the world.

Use Cutting-Edge Technologies

Our cybersecurity toolkit is pretty amazing. Get your hands on innovations in artificial intelligence, deep machine learning, behavioral analytics, and other emerging technologies.

Open Systems People

We’re helping to build some incredible careers.

Learn what the best people in the industry think about working at Open Systems.

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"At Open Systems, I was able to learn a lot in a very short time. It’s very versatile and, thanks to a good onboarding and introduction at Open Systems, you can work in many areas right from the start. The employees are very friendly and helpful. There is a regular Friday Club, which gives the opportunity to let the week end comfortably, but also to meet exciting people across departments."


“When I joined Open Systems as an ETH graduate, I started in Customer Success. Now, I'm responsible for the SASE portfolio and lead the developers as well as product management. It has been a great journey, with amazing people. I am still learning something new every day.”

Chief Product Officer

“For me, a great place to work is all about having clear and defined vision for my growth, targets, and learning under the guidance of great mentors and management. Everyday learning inculcates a feeling of pride and comfort in doing my job. Open Systems is not only great, but one of the best firms to work with.”

Senior Customer Operations Engineer

“Every day is exciting and challenging. My day’s schedule can be very easily disrupted by a customer emergency. Fortunately, I am surrounded by some extremely talented people. Working together to quickly respond to a disruption and achieve a common goal is one of the best things about my job.”

Customer Success

"Coming from a fintech background, I was a bit worried to join the vast world of Infosec. By allowing me to expand my knowledge on networking and security and constantly challenging me to use those skills to help customers in the real world, Open Systems has given me the opportunity to grow beyond being a simple developer and nurture a newfound passion, making me a better engineer day by day."

Principal Software Engineer

"Even during the application phase, I had a very positive gut feeling. To this day it feels the same and I am sure it will stay that way. At Open Systems, I have the chance to expand and deepen my IT knowledge every day. I am surrounded by extremely competent colleagues worldwide, a great team, mentor and management. I really enjoy working with my colleagues and my customers. I really like the openness and internationality at Open Systems. Many nationalities, different cultures and helpful colleagues. I love the various events, planned or often spontaneous."

Key Account Manager

Our Values

At Open Systems we believe in:


Working collaboratively to build success – The power of the team will always make us faster and better.


Thinking unconventionally to stay ahead – The world never fails to surprise us. So let’s surprise it first.


Doing the hard work to make things simple – Craft and hone something that delights in its simplicity.


Caring passionately about keeping our customers safe – We’re dedicated to solving problems. Whatever it takes.

New Grads & Interns

Open Systems works directly with a range of universities and learning institutions to support new grads and interns. Our most recent hires include new grads from top universities in Europe, North America, and India.

As an employer of choice, we encourage all new graduates to apply for one of the open positions listed below.

What To Expect

We take good care of the people who work at Open Systems, providing competitive salaries, thoughtfully curated benefits, and a flexible environment to accommodate how you live and work. We are proud of our workspaces in North America, Europe, and South Asia, designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and cultural cohesion.

Check our current openings and submit your application today.

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Open Systems is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that diversity helps us work better together and achieve more. Open Systems recruits, employs, trains, compensates and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law.

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