Mobile Entry Point

Enable Secure Remote Access for Mobile Users or Third Parties

Users work anytime and anywhere these days. They need to seamlessly and securely access all internal resources independent of where they are.

Enforcing security policies is especially important for mobile users. In addition, users should be protected from internet threats when browsing on their corporate devices, even if they are traveling and are out of the office.

A world map illustrating a corporate WAN network setup shows secure entry points and remote users in different regions. Numbered steps (1 to 3) depict user access routes via mobile entry points, firewall, and secure web gateways. Arrows indicate data flow directions.

Provide Secure Remote Access for
Your Mobile Users

The Mobile Entry Point service provides secure remote access for mobile users. Connected users can access corporate resources using an encrypted and easy-to-establish connection.

How Does the Mobile Entry Point Solution Work?

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