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Connecting China

​ Connecting locations in China to the rest of the world demands a specialized approach. ​

In 2023, more than one million foreign companies were registered in Mainland China but due to heavy control of the traffic, internet access is unreliable, potentially causing unplanned downtime and huge losses to manufacturing companies.​

Open Systems incorporates quality, flexibility, and reliability at every level – platform, architecture, lines, and third-party connectivity providers – so that your uptime and performance get maximum protection. On top of that, we deliver an expert-level, 24×7 Network Operations Center to proactively monitor and remediate issues.​

connecting china with SD-WAN backbone
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Challenges when connecting Chinese locations



Cross-border data transmission often suffers from high latency and packet loss, impacting the performance of critical business applications.​


China’s stringent regulatory framework around internet usage and data sovereignty creates significant barriers to accessing global internet and SaaS applications.

The Great Firewall of China restricts access to many foreign websites and services, complicating standard business operations.​



Managing multiple ISPs across regions can be cumbersome and inefficient. In China, the majority are state-owned providers that are rapidly evolving and face regional disparities.​


Open Systems SD-WAN Backbone ensures 99,999% availability SLA and quality of traffic SLAs to provide the best user experience and productivity.​

Together with Open Systems Connectivity Service, organizations can guarantee 99,99% end-to-end availability SLAs between their locations for their WAN applications and peer-to-peer communications. Organizations can pick and choose which applications are run on the SD-WAN Backbone to optimize costs.​

china SD-WAN backbone


Thanks to local compliance in China, traffic is not subject to unexpected filtering or bottlenecks. It means that users are getting a consistent application experience instead of sporadic loss of services or degradation of application experience.​

China security


With Open Systems you get one contract for your SASE services and your ISP lines. Our team selects the best ISP lines that will fit your requirements from the providers we know are the most reliable to provide the setup that optimize costs and performance even in China.​

SD-WAN router

Open Systems Provides You With:

  • A comprehensive, unified and easy-to-use platform
  • ISP line sourcing, management, monitoring and incident escalation​
  • SD-WAN backbone with quality of traffic SLAs and end-to-end SLAs​
  • Design and setup of your global SD-WAN architecture ​
  • Onboarding teams (project management, service delivery, implementation)​
  • 24×7 expert operations support

Leave Complexity

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