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SASE: The Network of the Future is Here Today

SASE: The Network of the
Future is Here Today

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Why Open Systems

Open Systems

Read our blog to gain insight from industry and Open Systems experts on the business impact of transforming to a SASE organization.

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Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best: Zero Trust Everything

Ric Longenecker July 16, 2021

Gartner Recognizes Open Systems as One of Eight Vendors With Complete SASE Solutions

Stefan Keller July 14, 2021

What IT Pros Are Feeling, Doing and May Be Overlooking in the Post-Pandemic Environment

John Giddings June 30, 2021

Not All Endpoint Sensors are Created Equal

Dave Martin June 25, 2021

How To Contain Threats Fast Using SOAR And An Authorization Framework

Jeff Brown April 16, 2021

What’s Driving SOC-NOC Convergence

Moritz Mann April 15, 2021

Password Check Required Immediately:
8 Steps for Creating Engaging Cybersecurity Awareness Campaigns

Ric Longenecker April 13, 2021

ZTNA: A Key SASE Capability Enabling Digital Transformation

Myo Zarny April 1, 2021

To Protect and Serve? Why Not all Managed Security Services are Created Equal

Dave Martin March 17, 2021

Houston, We Have a Problem: Why a Strong Incident Response Plan Must Go Beyond Alerts

Dr. Serge Droz February 9, 2021

Data Privacy in 2021
3 Realities that Will Drive Change

Zophar Sante January 26, 2021

CISO Insights: Highlights from Tech Talk Podcast’s Interview with Ric Longenecker

Open Systems January 7, 2021

Why You May Need To Get Out Of The Cybersecurity Business

Jeff Brown December 17, 2020


Ric Longenecker December 3, 2020

How Healthcare Institutions Can Stop Bad Actors from Capitalizing on COVID

Open Systems December 1, 2020

So Many Alerts, So Few Insights: Moving The Focus To Awareness And Response

Jeff Brown November 20, 2020

SASE Hype and Reality: Our Key Takeaways From Gartner’s Hype Cycle Reports

Myo Zarny November 19, 2020

SASE Hype und Realität: Unser Blick auf die Gartner Hype Cycle Berichte

Myo Zarny November 19, 2020

Stopping a Cyberattack: Managed Detection and Response In Action

Jason Bloomberg November 3, 2020

Cyberattacke stoppen: Managed Detection and Response in Aktion

Jason Bloomberg November 3, 2020

8,000 Trees to Celebrate 8,000 Deployments

Renato Iten October 29, 2020

Our MDR Service Wins Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award!

Dave Martin October 14, 2020

Why Gartner’s MDR Market Guide is a Must Read – And Must Follow

Dave Martin October 6, 2020

Warum Sie den Gartner MDR Market Guide lesen sollten – die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse

Dave Martin October 6, 2020

Managed Detection and Response – How to stay safe in three acts

Patricia Bleiker August 31, 2020

Open Systems’ Key Takeaways from Gartner’s Competitive Landscape: Managed SD-WAN Services

Myo Zarny August 20, 2020

Business Continuity Success: MEP Enables 135K+ Employees of 72 Enterprises to Work Remotely During COVID Crisis

Patricia Bleiker July 22, 2020

Open Systems Gets Inspired by Microsoft!

Ogi Stanovcic July 22, 2020

Application Optimization – The Cherry on Top of the SD-WAN Cake

Patricia Bleiker July 9, 2020

Combining AI and Human Intuition to Maximize Cybersecurity

Patricia Bleiker May 4, 2020

Notfallplan oder aktuelle Realität – Zugriff und Zusammenarbeit sicher gestalten für externe Benutzer

Patricia Bleiker 7. April 2020

Contingency Plan or Current Reality — How to Meet Critical Needs for Secure Remote Access and Collaboration

Patricia Bleiker April 7, 2020

Digitale Unternehmen müssen beim Thema Netzwerk und Sicherheit umdenken

Myo Zarny March 31, 2020

Why Your Digital Enterprise Needs to Rethink Networking and Network Security

Myo Zarny March 31, 2020

Why Tight Integration Is the True Core Component of SASE

Myo Zarny March 17, 2020

Why You Need to Turn Network Security Inside-Out

Myo Zarny December 17, 2019

Call It “Sassy” — Gartner Calls SASE Transformational

Myo Zarny December 10, 2019

The New Face of Cybercrime: Considerations for Personal and Enterprise Security

December 3, 2019

Chipping Away at the Gray Zone: Is Responsible Information and Communication Technology Possible?

November 26, 2019

Breaches Happen: Why Great Incident Response Is Key to Managing Cyberattacks

November 19, 2019

SD-WAN Security Services Get Integrated

November 12, 2019

The $3 billion European opportunity for Channel Partners

November 5, 2019

How a Hybrid WAN Can Solve Your Biggest Networking Challenges

Moritz Mann October 29, 2019

Cloud-Based Security in the SD-WAN Era

Shamus McGillicuddy October 22, 2019

On the Edge: How Sprawling Networks Have Redefined WAN Security Requirements

Moritz Mann October 15, 2019

SD-WAN Will Drive Enterprise Adoption of 5G Services

Shamus McGillicuddy October 8, 2019

How SD-WAN Removes Complexity in Today’s IoT Era

Martin Bosshardt October 1, 2019

Gleichgewicht zwischen Sicherheit und Agilität durch SD-WAN

Charles Araujo September 24, 2019

Protect Yourself Against the Newest Wave of Ransomware

Serge Droz August 29, 2019

SD-WAN and the Renewed Focus on Applications

Jason Bloomberg August 13, 2019

Balancing Security and Agility with SD-WAN

Charles Araujo July 18, 2019

SD-WAN Must Support Network Freedom

Shamus McGillicuddy September 24, 2019

Multi-Cloud Enterprises Require Unified, Secure SD-WAN

Shamus McGillicuddy September 10, 2019

When Disruptions Converge: AI, SD-WAN, and the Edge

Jason Bloomberg June 14, 2019
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