Open Systems is in an excellent position to capture much of the growing European demand for SD-WAN and SOC-As-a-Service solutions – a market projected to exceed $3 billion by 2025 – that we need channel partners to help us pursue all of the potential business opportunities.

We’re looking to partner with European VARs, systems integrators, master agents and others with complementary services, and who share our drive to win deals. To this end, we’ve expanded our channel team and recently welcomed Svetlana Klinkow to manage our DACH program and Andrew Kelly, who is directing our efforts in the UK and Ireland. Both are highly experienced channel managers and know how to make partners successful.

What we offer is a proven solution for the growing number of enterprises adopting service-based solutions to scale, simplify, and manage their network and security operations without requiring hard-to-find specialists. Open Systems’ intelligent edge- and cloud-native platform is managed by our world-class network and security experts – and delivered as a service – enabling customers to quickly optimize their networks as needed without compromising security.

While our competition claims similar capabilities, none can match the more than 20 years we’ve spent perfecting our secure SD-WAN and SOC As-a-Service solutions with customers in 185 countries. This gives us a tremendous lead as the demand for as-a-service solutions takes off, and as our new CEO said on his first day, “the market is moving towards us.”

Gartner analysts have recently recognized the opportunity for enterprises following this trend to focus their security efforts at the edge rather than centralizing it at the data center. They have named this the “Secure Access Service Edge” (SASE) and pronounce the acronym as “sassy.” Our as-a-service solution qualifies as a SASE platform. Security has always been one of its primary elements – another example of our being ahead of the curve.

The opportunity for our SASE platform in Europe is tremendous, and we’re committed to on-boarding new partners quickly, and provide the support they need to succeed.

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