Partner Connect

Make Secure Connections to Trusted Partners

Sometimes you need to connect third-party systems – such as partners of internal application software – to your WAN to allow communication between internal systems and partners’ resources.

The Partner Connect service integrates your business partners into your organization by implementing encrypted connections for secure, reliable and integrity-protected communication. Our service then monitors the usage, availability and performance of the business-critical partner connections.

The Benefits of Partner Connect

Reduce Integration Complexity

Easy integration and installation based on globally compatible best practices including per-partner NAT and IP conflict resolution.

Visibility and Control

Each partner connection includes quality reporting for the remote endpoint as well as qualified notifications about the partner connection status.

Reliability with 24x7 Intervention

Active monitoring and automatic recovery ensures issues are detected and resolved. Around-the-clock expert-level support is also included.

How Does Partner Connect Work?

How To Buy

Partner Connect is available as an add-on product to any of our SASE service plans. Our plans combine 24×7 expertise focused on connecting and protecting users, apps, sites and clouds – all unified on an intelligent platform.