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Advanced Threat Protection

Detect and Block Access to Malicious Entities

Advanced Threat Protection from Open Systems blocks malicious URLs, domains, and IPs. It aggregates different threat intelligence feeds – delivering known indicators of compromise (IOCs) in real time.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) offers enhanced defense of your important data by adding more protection layers and high quality, commercial intelligence feeds for zero-day threats.

A diagram shows three levels of threat protection: blocking a malicious website, detecting a malicious IP, and blocking phishing emails. It includes user interactions with these threats and references an IOC database, represented by icons and labels.

Unified Threat Intelligence for
Web and Email Security

Quickly Catch Threats

Commercial threat intelligence feeds designed specifically to catch zero-day threats quickly.

High Quality Threat Intelligence

Third-party databases and feeds deliver verified malicious URLs, domains, and IP addresses in real time.

Threat Intelligence Management

Our engineers curate the used threat intelligence feeds resulting in a first-class set of feeds covering different attack vectors.

Commercial Threat Intelligence for
Zero-Day, High Quality Protection

Advanced Threat Protection offers additional, enterprise-grade zero-day threat intelligence feeds from leading security solution providers, as an add-on to the basic Threat Protection, which is included in our Secure Web Gateway, DNS Filter and Secure Email Gateway solutions. These feeds combine information from various sources to classify the URLs and domains.

  • In-house spam traps and honey pots
  • Hosting companies and registries
  • Law enforcement and internet governing bodies
  • Enterprise businesses and internet service providers
  • Independent security researchers and volunteers

How It Works

High Quality and Zero-Hour Threat Intelligence Feeds Through Active IOC Feed Management

Leave Complexity

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