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The Current State Of IT Networks With MPLS​

In 2024, the MPLS market, valued at $65B, is still crucial for many companies’ WAN connections, despite a shift towards Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) lines and Broadband since 2018. Actually, the market is expected to grow by 6%.

There’s now a similar number of sites using MPLS and DIA, partly due to the rise in cloud connectivity needs, as indicated by McKinsey’s 2021 survey showing 64% of industrial companies using the cloud. However, 40% of applications remain on-premises, necessitating hybrid networks. Traditional hub-spoke network architectures are becoming less effective, leading to issues like performance challenges, operational complexities, and traffic bottlenecks.

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Business value not optimised

Despite decreasing prices, MPLS still costs at least 10% more than DIA – for the same bandwidth and comparable quality. Business value is not optimized - especially for remote or difficult locations such as China.


Cumbersome Multi-Vendor Operations​

Managing different ISPs and teams to guarantee smooth operations for connectivity as well as apps, network and security is complex and frustrating. Incidents and changes take ages to be resolved, if ever.​

Poor Application Performance

Routing traffic through hubs results in high latency and poor cloud application performance. In addition, bandwidth congestion can also affect app user experience – especially at sites where on-prem apps are hosted.​

Open Systems, Your SASE Transformation Partner​

Even though company ambitions might be to go “cloud first” or “zero trust”, the most important first step is to transform the network. Open Systems has supported companies for more than 20 years and is your true SASE transformation partner. We help not only with an impressive breadth of transformations supported – ranging from connectivity and network to security transformations – but also with a unique depth of how these transformation services are provided. We leverage our own infrastructure and SASE products to craft our end-to-end services for an outstanding customer experience – the Open Systems SASE Experience.

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Cost-Effective Network Performance​

Better application performance for less money, even at difficult locations like China, thanks to selected ISP lines or the Open Systems WAN backbone – the underlay – paired with integrated SD-WAN – the overlay – provided with an end-to-end SLA.​

Network firewall engineer implementing network transformation products

End-To-End Operations​

Simpler management of the entire network technology and service lifecycle. We take full end-to-end ownership from the underlay (ISP line management) to the overlay (application performance and security technology) through the process – from assessment and migration to operations and continuous technology consulting and optimization.​

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Secure Cloud Adoption​

Enabling cloud adoption and a flexible-yet-stable, hybrid network architecture without increasing the security risk surface.​

Network transformation and security

Optimized ROI​

Hand-picked ISP lines for best connectivity, including end-to-end SLA, as well as calculable OPEX pricing with an outstanding service flat fee: unlimited number of tickets, calls and technical consulting.​


Experienced 24x7 Operations Centre with direct access to Tier 3 engineers, as well as project-based support and service delivery and continuous technical consulting through a designated team.​

A True Innovation Partner

Open Systems has 20+ years of experience in network transformation projects with more than 11,000 deployments across 186 countries worldwide, a robust co-innovation environment for impactful tech roadmaps.

Customers Love Their Experience with Open Systems

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The image features the Altana logo, one of our Network Transformation clients. The background is a light gray color, emphasizing its association with SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge by Open Systems.
We simply found a partner in Open Systems that understands what to do and is highly professional... We work together as equals to develop the best solution together.
Bethina Fehlisch

Head of IT Shared Services, ALTANA

GEA, another Network Transformation client
It was great to see how our thoughts developed within the Open Systems environment with the zoning project we’re scoping. ​ As strategic partners, we make each other better.
Gert-Jan Terpstra

Director Service Owner IT Network Services, GEA​

We feel very confident that we are in good hands with Open Systems, now and into the future. We look forward to at least five more years of a productive partnership.
Jürg Siegenthaler

Team Head Network and Server, Sika​

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