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The Value of a SASE+ Investment

With SASE+ you can enable work-from-anywhere, empower cloud adoption – securely – all with predictable costs, even as you scale. Increase your ROI with Open Systems SASE+ and see:

  • 30% reduction in setup costs
  • 10% reduction in annual operations cost
  • 50% average productivity increase

Reduce Costs and Complexity

Legacy network and security architectures are inefficient, costly, and impossible to scale without spiking costs. SASE+ provides an optimal user experience, reduces costs, and reduces risk.


Design and Configuration
SD-WAN Hardware and Deployment
Security Hardware and Deployment


24x7 efforts
Infrastructure tasks
Network and security projects/governance
Network and security configuration tasks
Network and security professional services
Multi-vendor management


SD-WAN software
Built-insecurity software

Total Annual Cost

Open Systems SASE+





Traditional MSP





Cost Savings





Reduce Complexity and Costs

Learn how SASE+ reduces setup costs and lowers annual operations costs.

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