Simplify Network and Security Operations

Keeping things going means interconnecting the devices of employees, volunteers and visitors anywhere in the world, without an always-on network to fall back on. It means dealing with a variety of legacy systems, as well as assorted online tools. At the same time, sensitive personal and campaign data needs to be protected in an inhomogeneous infrastructure. On top of this, there are budget constraints to balance against the risks of breaches and attacks, and the concrete damage to clean up, as well as the more elusive potential harm to reputation, and hence donations.

IT Security Strategy that Meets Your Needs

We enable your employees to collaborate with our experts to develop and maintain a strategy that covers an inhomogeneous environment, so that you can do what you know best and concentrate on the needs of the people you set out to help. We deliver the broad experience and services that are necessary for different devices and network participants, as well as specific expertise on how to respond to breaches and attacks. In this way, you can plan ahead while watching your costs.

Current IT Challenges for NGOs

Connecting to Difficult Locations

Securely ship, install and interconnect devices anytime, anywhere, ensuring high availability plus flexibility in a zero- trust environment.

Security and Compliance

Comply with GDPR and shield the sensitive data of online benefactors as well as the people you are helping so they can stay safe.

Breaches and Cyberattacks

Fend off targeted attacks in an expert way, in spite of a large attack surface, while protecting sensitive information. Stay tuned to real alerts and leverage your existing IT solutions.

Limited Staff, Time and Money

Budget up front for an all-inclusive NOC without hidden charges. Concen- trate on your main work, knowing that a reliable, competent partner can help your staff with IT.

Reliably Connect to Difficult Locations

Change is the norm for a non-profit organization. Users are always on the move and volunteers come and go depending on availability. Hardware needs to be delivered quickly to remote locations and requires an easy, secure install.

We configure and manage a flexible network architecture that makes frequent dynamic changes painless. Hardware shipping methods are worry free, and we manage the rest. Remote work is easy to configure and manage with the Secure Remote Access solution.

Ensure Data Protection

Non-profit organizations deal with sensitive information daily, not only about employees, volunteers and projects, but also about the people they are helping. Data leaks can endanger people’s lives or provide fodder for industrial espionage. Both are factors with the potential to affect an organization’s reputation and resources substantially.

Open Systems solutions address these challenges with a variety of integrated technologies – like a global, zone-based firewall, DNS Filter, and Secure Web Gateway– that means you can stay focused on what you need to do.

Proactive and Effective Breach and Cyberattack Protection

These days, cyberattacks are a matter of when, not if.

Our Managed SASE service protects against external threats with built-in, best-of- breed security features.  Our expert-level support engineers respond to and coordinate all actions in the event of a security incident.

Manage IT Operations with Limited Staff and Resources

Non-profit organizations are no strangers to making the most of limited resources. At the same time, they need advice with highly technical aspects of networks and how to use all the tools they have at their fingertips in the most efficient way.

The service packages of Open Systems are flexible at a cost that is budget-friendly. Benefit from transparent, user-based pricing without surprises. Experience the outstanding support and guidance through talented and competent engineers working in our Operations Center.

Leave Complexity

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