SD-WAN Firewall

Protect against external threats

Protect WANs from external threats with our next-gen firewall blocking malicious traffic and implementing a powerful policy management concept which avoids security gaps caused by complex policies.

Built-in IDS and hybrid policy management allows organizations to have extensive traffic monitoring, threat detection and response, as well as easy-to-maintain firewall service.

How We Protect Your Network

IT Leaders Rely on Managed SASE For Secure Connectivity

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A Multi-Zone Approach Ensures Security and Trust

Open Systems’ firewall architecture introduces distinct security zones. These zones segment the global network into different zones of security and trust and enable communication between zones to be properly controlled.

With this feature, we can filter traffic at transitions between different security zones and maintain security within each zone. Thus, the overall integrity of the SD-WAN can be shielded not only from internet threats but also from doubtful internal sources in untrusted security zones.