Secure Email Gateway

Prevent Breaches Through Email Protection

Most successful cyberattacks start with a phishing link in an email or with a compromised attachment. The traditional, single-layer defense approach is no longer enough.

The Secure Email Gateway serves as the entry point for emails coming from outside the organization, shielding the email infrastructure and users from unsolicited emails using multilayer protection. Custom policies, such as those against unsafe attachments, are applied to protect users. Policies to ensure message integrity, such as DKIM, are also easily enforced.

The Benefits of Secure Email Gateway

Industrial-Strength Lines of Defense

Multiple checks and tests provide robust security

Effective Quarantine for Suspect Messages

Policy-based inspections keep spam off your inboxes

Multi-Layered Protections Complement M365

Protect users from malicious emails and enforce corporate policies

Global Management and Individual Control

Enable user preferences within global compliance policies

Power Sender and Content Verification with Policy Enforcement

Protect users from malicious emails and enforce corporate policies.

Real-Time Metrics

The Open Systems Secure Email Gateway provides real-time metrics of mail traffic—down to the level of individual messages—that include evaluations of incoming and outgoing emails and optionally of spam and malware trends.

It offers rich current and historical detail on incoming and outgoing queues, network usage, and system load, as well as access to all email and system-specific configuration settings and policy rules.

DMARC Enforcement

In today’s marketplace, domain spoofing and brand hijacking are significant risks to your brand.

Yet the means to prevent such attacks — via robust Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) enforcement — are complex and difficult to implement.

We opt for simplicity. Open Systems DMARC protection is built-in to our Secure Email Gateway, offering deep analytics and reporting to enhance brand protection.

How To Buy

Secure Email Gateway can be purchased as a stand alone product or as an add-on product as part of a SASE subscription. All services include 24×7 expertise with a focus on the connection and protection of users, apps, sites and clouds – all unified on an intelligent platform.

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