DNS Filter

End-to-End Web Traffic Control and Protection

Access and protection are no longer at odds. With the enhanced functionality of our DNS Filter, including malware protection and Secure Web Gateway-based SSL scanning and authentication, you need never choose one over the other. Our DNS Filter runs on the firewall, enabling seamless URL filtering application and built-in threat protection on all web traffic that follows the default route.

Why Choose Open Systems?

Dynamic Web Security

Policy enforcement and threat protection is guaranteed for every user – including guests, legacy machines, and IoT.

Seamless Integration

DNS Filter and Secure Web Gateway seamlessly integrate into your existing SD-WAN, managed by our team of 24x7 experts.

Expert Operations

Enjoy the assurance of around-the-clock monitoring, incident handling, and change management.

How It Works

Proxy-Aware Clients

For proxy-aware clients – e.g. –employees with managed devices, where an internet proxy can be configured – our Secure Web Gateway provides extensive functionality.

Non-Proxy-Aware Clients

For non-proxy-aware clients, e.g. –guests, legacy machines, and servers or IoT – which are essentially users with unmanaged devices where nothing can be configured – our DNS Filter provides web security capabilities. Our DNS Filter does URL filtering for web policy enforcement and includes web threat protection.

Leave Complexity

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