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Network Detection & Response

Eliminate Your Network Blind Spots

The key to managing network breaches is finding them quickly. Open Systems Network Detection & Response closes the gap between traditional detection and security monitoring and more complex SIEM/SOC solutions.

Accelerate to Real-Time Detection

Aggregate Enterprise-Wide Monitoring

Aggregate Enterprise-Wide Monitoring

Get a holistic view of threats across your network

See Everything in Detail

See Everything in Detail

From global risk scores to packet-level details

Enable Fast Analysis and Response

Enable Fast Analysis and Response

We’ll triage events for you, and escalate as needed

Machine Learning Drives Better Analysis

Machine Learning Drives Better Analysis

We’re continuously tuning for more signal, less noise

Get Actionable Intelligence—Fast

Network Detection & Response detects compromised systems quickly and enables efficient analysis and response. Using a combination of protocol and signature inspection methods to analyze traffic and detect threats, our service provides a holistic view of suspicious hosts and assigns a threat score to each of them. Contrary to conventional detection systems, Network Detection & Response is built around—and focuses on—the security of end-users rather than on individual events.

Enjoy Global Visibility in Real Time

The Network Detection & Response dashboard provides a real-time, global view of current network threats. Drill down for host details and even single event details. We proactively monitor your network 24×7, correlate event data from numerous sensors, and assign a threat score that gives you an indication of whether an end-user may be affected. We then work with you to mitigate suspicious activity.

We’ll Escalate the Important Threats for You

With our escalation management, Open Systems engineers perform a triaging process on high threat-score hosts to provide initial classifications of alerts based on contextual information and event analysis. Suspicious host alerts are escalated to you for verification and further action, while more routine or vague alerts are resolved by us—while you focus on your business.

Isolate Threats within your Network to Prevent Further Damage

If malware is able to penetrate your network, it will typically pursue two objec­tives: to spread laterally within your network while avoiding detection, and to communicate with an external command and control server. Our Global Threat Isolation feature provides an effective response to both these actions by imme­diately blocking any outbound connection from a host on the network level
— whether it’s to an external server or to other hosts within the network — thus isolating the affected host.