Cyber Risk Mitigation

As Your Attack Surface Grows, Take Steps to Mitigate Your Risk

SD-WAN greatly expands your business’ connectivity, delivering agility and cost-savings—but also provides a stronger attack surface for cyber risk mitigation against malicious actors. In order to mitigate that risk, choose the Open Systems Enterprise+ package.

Open Systems Limits Your Vulnerability

Experience Built-In State of the Art Protection

Our cyber risk mitigation technologies set a global protection standard

Get Robust Network Detection & Response

Edge device sensors enable network-wide threat detection

Leverage Machine Learning for Insights

AI-driven event correlation enhances security monitoring

Depend on Expert Triaging of Events

Our L3 engineers only escalate relevant cyber risk alerts to you

Open Systems SD-WAN Includes Cutting-Edge Protection and Monitoring

Our secure SD-WAN delivers a Next-Gen Firewall, Secure Web Gateway, and DNS Filter for robust protection at your perimeter. We then add global Network Detection & Response of all sensor-enabled edge devices within your network for fine-grained detection of threats which have bypassed your perimeter. Together, these technologies produce comprehensive cyber threat data to provide multi-layered, real-time cyber risk mitigation for your environment.

A screenshot of a network security monitoring dashboard. It features a world map with color-coded points indicating threat levels. A pop-up shows details for "LINCOLN" with 3 high, 12 moderate, and 479 low threats. The right panel lists top 5 sensors and host threat levels.

Rely on Our Expertise to Separate the Signal from the Noise

Accurately evaluating cybersecurity event data and alerts across a dynamic, global SD-WAN is a complicated, ever-shifting task. Few enterprises have the in-house experience to do it well. The Open Systems Secure SD-WAN removes that challenge with L3 engineers who continuously monitor and assess cyber risk data at your perimeter and within your network, only engaging your attention when necessary. We make it easy for you to focus on what’s important—driving your business.

A man in a black polo shirt works on a computer in a modern office space, separated by glass partitions. In the background, another man and a woman are also working on computers. Office equipment and accessories are visible on the desks.

Leave Complexity

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