Network Detection and Response

Eliminate Your Network Blind Spots

The NDR solution acts on multiple stages of the kill chain. Early on, NDR checks for malware during delivery. Further in, to protect against existing intrusions, NDR assigns threat scores to internal assets. This surfaces suspicious activity, making it possible for you to act when malicious software attempts to communicate outside the WAN or spread laterally. SASE integrated monitoring, with a combination of human and machine intelligence, provides the detection and actionable alerts needed to prevent sophisticated attacks.

Why Choose Open Systems NDR?

Aggregate Enterprise-Wide Monitoring

A holistic view of threats across your network

See Everything
in Detail

From global risk scores to packet-level details

Enable Fast Analysis and Response

We’ll triage events for you, and escalate as needed

Machine Learning Drives Better Analysis

We’re continuously tuning for more signal, less noise

How It Works

Unmanaged vs. Managed NDR

For both unmanaged and managed NDR services, network traffic is constantly analyzed for suspicious patterns. All events are automatically correlated in one central place. Whenever the correlation leads to a high threat score a ticket is generated.


The ticket is not escalated to Open Systems operations. Customers analyze the events internally and then actively tune the correlations themselves.


A ticket is escalated to operations where an Open Systems engineer analyzes the event. Customers only get alerted if the event is categorized as suspicious. In addition, our engineers constantly tune and improve the correlation system, based on event feedback from the customer.

How To Buy

Our plans combine 24×7 expertise with a focus on the connecting and protecting users, apps, sites and clouds – all unified on an intelligent platform.