Michael Davis

Author, speaker, consultant and entrepreneur, Michael is Open Systems’ Chief Architect and a highly regarded expert on cybersecurity. His extensive experience includes serving as a senior leader in the Global Threats group at McAfee, launching the IT security consulting firm Savid Technologies and, more recently, Michael was the CTO of GoSecure, a specialist in endpoint security. He has advised clients include AT&T, Exelon, Sears and the U.S. Department of Defense.

In addition to regularly speaking at industry conferences including Black Hat, Interop, SuperStrategies and InfoSecWorld, Michael has written on cybersecurity topics for InformationWeek, Dark Reading and other publications, and the Hacking Exposed series of books.

As Chief Architect, Michael advises Open Systems and our clients on security best practices and works with product development to guide the future of the Microsoft Azure cloud-native platform for Open Systems’ MDR service.

Coolest Personal Accomplishment: Writing two books that help defenders prevent attacks

Superpower: Making the Abstract Concrete

Professional Accomplishment: Building open source tools used by many security professionals