Daniel Neuhaus

As Chief Executive Officer, Daniel’s primary responsibility is to ensure that Open Systems provides the company’s customers with a cybersecurity experience way beyond expectations: Secure Connectivity Made Simple.

Daniel Neuhaus joined Open Systems in January 2020 following the acquisition of Sqooba, a successful data product startup he founded. In his first role as Head of Product, he was tasked with transitioning Sqooba into Open Systems, where he was responsible for product organization and development, and integrating the new capabilities into the SASE product suite.

In July 2021, Daniel was appointed Chief Technical Officer and led the development of the cloud-native SASE/SSE Platform and the evolution of the managed service Mission Control with a focus on observability, automation and self-service. After successfully leading this transformation, Daniel was appointed CEO of Open Systems.

Daniel has more than 20 years of experience developing data products and data platforms for European telecommunications companies Swisscom and Orange, Computer Sciences Corp. and Sqooba. Prior to launching Sqooba in 2016, he led Analytics and Data Products at Swisscom as EVP, scaling a team from 15 to over 200 analysts, data scientists, engineers and dev/ops developers.