Alaska May

Alaska leads the company’s People organization as our Chief People Officer.

Her top responsibilities include establishing a world-class talent management program to hire, grow, and retain employees; maintaining our unique and vibrant company culture; strengthening the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) ethos; and fostering a positive and supportive workplace environment where employees can do their best work.

Alaska is a veteran human resources professional and has held several executive-level positions over the past 15 years, most recently as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for International Markets, a data services company.

Coolest Personal Accomplishment: Being a mother to two wonderful children who have turned out to be respectful, educated, and charitable people

Superpower: Ability to build and retain the next generation of leaders

Professional Accomplishment: Consecutively managed two complex acquisitions and successfully ran a twelve-month change management program with outstanding results.