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SASE: The Network of the Future is Here Today

SASE: The Network of the
Future is Here Today

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Why Open Systems


SASE+, MDR+, Microsoft Assure, and People Knock Down Cyberthreats

For over 100 years, Mikron has led in developing and producing automation and machining solutions and cutting tools for customers across the globe. A recent estimate showed that an astounding 150,000,000 parts are assembled on Mikron systems worldwide every day.

The Challenge

Ripe with intellectual property and heavily reliant on production systems, manufacturing companies like Mikron are a favorite cyberthreat target. As threats climbed, Mikron invested in Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Office 365 E5 and added our SASE+ to start increasing their security posture. Although the majority of Mikron’s infrastructure became more secure, there were still areas that required bolstering. Even more important, help was needed to tackle the ever-increasing number of alerts that were overwhelming their IT team.

The Challenge

The Solution

After consulting with Open Systems, Mikron selected our MDR+ service to strengthen any remaining gaps. Equally important to our security service were our people. Our Mission Control integrated SOC and NOC engineers helped to filter out false positives and reduced and prioritized alerts. We provided context to possible threats and stood ready to provide additional advice and lend a hand when needed. With our support and receiving only data-enriched alerts that matter, Mikron could easily knock down all their threats and remain secure.

The Solution