Mammut’s Network Reaches a New Peak with SASE Experience

When it comes to innovating and producing gear for alpine and outdoor sports, it’s challenging to ascend higher than Mammut. Hailing from the land of the Swiss Alps, Mammut has been outfitting climbers and trekkers worldwide for over 150 years and has grown into a globally recognized brand.

The image shows the Mammut logo, featuring a black mammoth inside a red circle, with a white tusk curling upward. Below the circle, the word "MAMMUT" is written in bold red capital letters. The background is light gray.

The Challenge

As Mammut started to expand, their aging WAN couldn’t handle the strain of new applications such as unified communications. The MPLS lines were also becoming an expensive option for connecting more sites and delivering the performance users needed when accessing the internet or cloud. Moreover, limited visibility, flexibility, bandwidth management, along with ongoing cyberthreats, consumed nearly all their IT resources. It was obvious to Mammut that they needed a new route.

Three people are sitting at desks in a modern office environment, working on computers with headsets on. They are separated by glass partitions. The lighting is bright, and a large world map can be seen in the background. Two are smiling and appear in conversation about Network Firewall Security

The Solution

Along their trek to find a better way, they discovered our SASE Experience. In less than two months, we took over bandwidth management and added low-cost and secure internet breakouts and VPNs to connect sites and users. Our built-in cybersecurity protected all their assets – on-premises, at data centers, or in the cloud. Our Mission Control Operations Center provided 360° security and network visibility and management while our engineers monitored and controlled their environment 24×7. Their IT team can now focus on other priorities, and Mammut has the network and security they need to continue their climb to the top.

Leave Complexity

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