The Right Formula for Cybersecurity Collaboration

The Chemours Company is a global chemistry company with a 200-year-old legacy and commitment to creating a better world through the power of its chemistry. Known for producing prominent brands such as Ti-Pure™, Opteon™, and Teflon™, Chemours has 6,400 employees serving approximately 3,200 customers in about 120 countries.

The Challenge

As a chemical manufacturer, Chemours operates its facilities with a strong focus on safety and securing the integrity of its data. To face this challenge and help ensure compliance, Chemours CISO Reginald Williams had a vision for transforming cybersecurity, a vision that maintains the integrity of the manufacturing process and its data – without slowing the business down.

The Solution

Now, the Chemours ecosystem runs efficiently and securely, with help from the Mission Control 24×7 follow-the-sun SOC. Open Systems’ Microsoft expertise, integrations, and machine learning models now provide Chemours with better context on the attack surface, integration into Microsoft tools for simpler coordination with IT, and secure configuration of critical Microsoft infrastructure.