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Subprocessors and Affiliated Operational Entities

The following affiliates and third-party entities may act as subcontractors and subprocessors of Open Systems in or in support of it providing its services, including for carrying out specific processing activities on behalf of the customer or datacenter facility management activities (additional information can be provided upon request).

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Affiliate Location
Open Systems AG Switzerland
Open Systems Americas Inc. United States
Open Systems Germany GmbH Germany
OS Security India Private Ltd. India


Third-party Entities

Third-party entities Location Description
Aspectra Switzerland Control: Operation of the Mission Control Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited Ireland Infrastructure provisioning (MS Azure) for Open Systems services
Trivadis AG Switzerland Maintenance of Mission Control database for customer support


Third-party Entities for Specific Services

Third party for specific services only Location Description Service
Netskope, Inc USA Security component for CASB service CASB
Avira GmbH & Co. KG Germany Security component for Web and Email Gateway service Secure Web Gateway
Eleven cyber security GmbH Germany Security component for Email Gateway Service Secure Email Gateway
Cyolo Security Ltd. Israel Security component for ZTNA service ZTNA
Alibaba.com (Europe), Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. UK, China Alibaba Cloud Container Services for Kubernetes (ACK) where deployed in China Cloud Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Point of Presence (PoP) in China


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