A Prescription for Unified, Scalable Security

Leaving cybersecurity to the experts allows your healthcare organization to focus on what it does best – patient care and innovation. Recently, a hospital we worked with was able to free up space for additional ICU beds, especially important during the pandemic, by outsourcing its data center and cybersecurity management.

Open Systems’ Managed SASE service provide a unified, secure solution to helps you ensure business continuity with a network optimized for speed and security. Now is the time to secure your healthcare organization’s extensive IT infrastructure to ensure operational and data integrity at every stage of the patient and provider journey.

increase in major healthcare breaches over the past year
average price tag of a healthcare breach
of organizations running up-to-date security software when attacked

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“Open Systems has been a great addition to our MISA program”
Mandana Javaheri

Global Director, Security Partner Development, Microsoft