Security Experts Circle

Virtual C-level Roundtable for Security Professionals


How secure is your company?
Where do you need to invest in cybersecurity?

When you need to recover and reimagine ways of securing your business, the Security Experts Circle (SEC.OS) offers you the springboard for an ongoing dialog.

Membership Benefits

Enrich Your Global Network
Connect with Your Security Peers
Create Ongoing Dialog and Discussions
Access to a Private Virtual Platform


Dr. Serge Droz

Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST)

Neil Daswani

Stanford Advanced Security Certification Program

Paul Keely

General Manager
Born in the Cloud Business Unit

Sascha Maier

Head of IT & Cyber Resilience
IWC Schaffhausen

Connect In a Variety of Ways

SEC.OS is a members only global alliance of security experts across industries. SEC.OS is created to be as interactive and engaging as possible using different tools, so you get to discuss matters of security that really impact your business.

Panel Discussions

Breakout Sessions