What is Application Performance Management?

Application performance is a crucial metric when designing and measuring the quality of an SD-WAN. Users expect a reliable and fast user interface. Slow performing applications and connections result in reduced user productivity, or worse, customers leaving your service and moving to a competitor. In some cases, performance and reliability are critical. For applications such as online trading, security services, remote healthcare, voice and video conferencing, and emergency response having a slow connection isn’t just a nuisance; it’s a disaster.

Analyzing and Overcoming
Performance Challenges

Server Performance

Sluggish application performance can be attributed to problems at the server layer such as an underpowered CPU, limited memory, slow storage I/O, resource-hungry code, poorly configured virtualization, excessive logging, or too many back-ground processes.

Network Performance

Poor network performance can be caused by limited bandwidth, line saturation, broken routing tables, switch configurations, or poorly implemented cybersecurity.

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Leading vendors, such as Open Systems, provide a complete end-to-end solution. The unified management console includes comprehensive performance monitoring, optimization, and management across the entire network stack, from the core – to cloud – to edge

Open Systems provides one homogeneous view of the entire network, including the traffic loads and patterns for various applications. Embedded Open Systems technology analyses and identifies what type of traffic is passing through the network. It classifies the traffic and associates it with multiple types of applications. It can also be configured to identify unique customer applications that require high levels of performance and priority-routing.

Ensure User Experience is Maintained

Network performance is continually monitored for various applications to ensure the quality of service requirements are met. In the rare event an application service falls below the pre-configured performance threshold, Open Systems invokes mechanisms to ensure the user experience is maintained. Some of these mechanisms include,

Open Systems removes the tedious configuration and guesswork out of network management. It adds an intelligent and autonomous layer that manages network configuration to ensure QoS levels are met and costs are contained.

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