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What is a Network Operations Center?

A Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralized location where IT professionals continuously monitor and maintain network systems against disruptions and failures. As a first line of defense, Network operations centers work directly with organizations to oversee their complex networking environments with 24×7 monitoring. Network operations centers are responsible for taking action to resolve issues, anomalies and threats before they can affect business operations and therefore are a critical component to the security of an organization.

ZTNA control center

The Open Systems OC is much more than a network operations center.

  • We can optimize your bandwidth with best-route selection and provide multiple connections so your users, partners, and contractors have continuous high-performance access to the resources they require.
  • We monitor applications and network QoS and alter paths to ensure service levels are met.
  • Count on us to help you transform your infrastructure into a hybrid network by combining existing MPLS lines with other connections to carry traffic to and from sites, the internet, and clouds.

Much More than a NOC

Open Systems OCaaS provides around-the-clock monitoring and management and can be expanded to provide added benefits:

  • Our experts manage your connections to ensure complete and efficient network reliability and bandwidth utilization.
  • You'll benefit from end-to-end visibility and be able to make knowledge-based decisions using our customer portal.
  • We use predictive analytics to eliminate potential network degradation and outages before they occur.
  • Your network is scalable, agile, responsive, and ready to address unpredictable heavy traffic and urgent must-have requirements.
  • Our team can help you with planning and technology selection to quickly support new applications, capabilities, and expansion.
  • Cybersecurity can be included by adding one or more of our embedded security services.

An Economic Network

Today, IT professionals need to devote their limited resources to more strategic programs and are transitioning their day-to-day network operations to a managed service.

Not only does that recoup valuable IT resources, but a managed service makes it easier to combine MPLS, direct internet access, and lower-cost broadband into one network. That not only makes it easy to increase performance where needed but dramatically reduces costs.

Leave Complexity

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