Enterprise Operational Security

SD-WANs deliver the intelligence and agility needed to unify traditional WANs and newer broadband connections into a single, easy to administer, software-defined network.

  • Policies and service level agreements dynamically manage SD-WANs.
  • Traffic is no longer directed along a predetermined path but along the path that will ensure the prescribed quality of service.

MDR is a cloud-based service and can be layered over and integrated into an SD-WAN.  A professional MDR service encompasses nearly all the processes, technologies, and techniques used to deter, detect, contain, and remediate cybersecurity threats and attacks.  This includes remote users, cloud applications, compute clouds, WANs, and remote sites. MDR service providers:

  • Not only instruct businesses on how to contain and remediate cyber-attacks but also help bring attacks to ground.
  • Can also replace or augment the traditional SOC (Security Operation Center) with SOC-as-a-Service.  The customer can be involved in managing the cybersecurity posture to whatever level they require, minimal to very hands-on.

Download our latest eBook. This new approach to networking comprises a set of truly integrated, cloud-managed security services delivered on-prem or in the cloud with centrally managed security. Learn how to:

  • Reduce complexity and operational overhead
  • Deliver ease of use/transparency for users
  • Enhance security with zero-trust network access

Before Selecting an SD-WAN Provider, Be Sure They Offer Enterprise Network Security

If a business isn’t ready for MDR, it can work with leading service providers to incorporate security capabilities.  Different technologies are available to enhance the enterprise security stack.

Adding Enterprise Security to Software-Defined Networks

Contact our customer advocates and learn more or to obtain an assessment of how our SD-WAN can be cyber secured with MDR or other network security options.