Open Systems SASE

Network and security are one - without compromise. Our unified SASE service is fast, agile, and delivered from the cloud worldwide.

SASE: The Network of the Future is Here Today

SASE: The Network of the
Future is Here Today

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Open Systems XDR

Outcomes. Not Alerts. Open Systems XDR predicts, detects, and responds to cyberthreats with AI that’s backed by real-world security experts 24x7.

3 Reasons to Choose MDR

3 Reasons to Choose MDR

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Why Open Systems

Our people, process, and technology work as one to deliver a unified platform, 24x7 operations, and expert advice when you need it most.

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SASE Transformational

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SASE: The Network of the Future is Here Today

SASE: The Network of the
Future is Here Today

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About Open Systems

Open Systems is the global leader in world-class cybersecurity and connectivity from the cloud.

Gartner Report: Voice of the Customer for WAN Edge Infrastructure

Gartner Report: Voice of the Customer for WAN Edge Infrastructure

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All Day. All Night. Every Day. Every Night. Globally.

No call waiting. No complicated phone menus. No generic email inboxes. When you contact Open Systems NOC and SOC, our knowledgeable experts are instantly available to help you resolve complex technical issues.

All-Inclusive 24x7 L3 Operations (NOC)

All-Inclusive 24x7 L3 Operations (NOC)

Securing the availability and stability of critical ICT infrastructures

All-inclusive 24x7 Expert-Level Operations (SOC)

All-inclusive 24x7 Expert-Level Operations (SOC)

Dedicated threat detection, investigation, containment and recovery

Proactive <br>Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting

Technical exploration to optimize threat detection

Keep Calm and Call Mission Control

Our highly skilled, certified Mission Control engineers monitor your systems proactively and react to breaches as they happen. They work with your IT staff according to clearly defined processes, with sign-off, in order to review and perform global changes at your request.

Our service reliability is unmatched – we are committed to responding to and acting on your direct feedback in the spirit of uncompromised delivery, effective collaboration, and positioning you for business success.

SOC Around the Clock

When a breach occurs, we are equipped to handle it.

  • Open Systems engineers triage, investigate, and escalate true positives or suspicious behaviors based on specific, predefined, custom guidelines, developed for each customer.
  • Security analysts then investigate and act, working with your IT team on containing the threat and cleaning the affected systems.

Because every incident is unique, you determine together what went well and what could be improved, thus steadily improving and preparing for the next challenge.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Not only do Open Systems engineers and analysts address tickets and operations, they also put into practice what they have learned on the front lines, managing technical exploration to optimize threat detection, in order to be more effective next time they talk to you.

They constantly work on alerts and incident tuning, with the aim of steady and long-term improvement of your security posture.

Open Systems Service Plans

Our service plans combine 24×7 expertise to connect users, apps, sites and clouds while detecting and responding to cyberthreats – all unified on an intelligent platform.​​​​

SASE Service Plans

Our SASE service plans consist of network and security products which are provided on a unified platform and delivered by a managed service.

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XDR Service Plans

Our XDR service plans consist of detection and response capabilities which are enabled by log analytics on a central platform and remediation functionalities delivered by a managed service.

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