Managed Services

Flexible Technology, Maximum Transparency, and Around-The-Clock Security and Monitoring

Our people are unique and become an extension of your team. You can rely on their dedication and expertise to keep you ahead of competitors, accelerate your business, and help you achieve your goals.

  • We offer an extendable, industrial strength platform – cloud-deployed or on premises
  • Our customer portal provides operational key figures, tickets, tools, and network and security insights
  • Our DevSecOps engineers ensure your network availability and security

Simpler Than a Box

Three ingredients make a platform: cloud infrastructure or hardware, software, data. Each needs maintenance. Open Systems uses industrial strength hardware, a hardened operating system for optimal performance, and regularly monitors for updates. We stand behind our promise of superior service, including free replacement for hardware or software if it doesn’t meet our strict performance standards. Logs are maintained and processed with cybersecurity in mind.

Crystal Ball on Your Network

Our easy-to-use customer portal allows you to see a real-world view of services at any time, analyze network performance fluctuations, and get meaningful insights.

Keeping Networks Going - Day and Night

Experienced engineers and security analysts work, according to a progressive DevSecOps model, in our follow-the-sun 24×7 integrated NOC and SOC. They manage maintenances and replacements, configuration changes, and network and security incidents. Our engineers commit to continuous collaboration and improvement by leveraging our global cybersecurity networks.

Open Systems Service Plans

Our service plans combine 24×7 expertise to connect users, apps, sites and clouds while detecting and responding to cyberthreats – all unified on an intelligent platform.​​​​

SASE+ Service Plans

Our SASE+ service plans consist of network and security products which are provided on a unified platform and delivered by a managed service.

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MDR+ Service Plan

Our MDR+ service plan consists of detection and response capabilities which are enabled by log analytics on a central platform and remediation functionalities delivered by a managed service.

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