Abstract digital artwork with a flowing wave-like pattern comprised of small green dots that gradually fade into the white background. The wavy design, reminiscent of an SD-WAN backbone, creates a sense of movement and fluidity.

Open Systems

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The image features the "NETWORKWORLD" logo, with "NETWORK" in bold blue letters and "WORLD" in bold black letters, against a white background.
Open Systems Managed SASE glänzt mit seiner Lösung in einem Fachartikel
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The image is the logo of "Channel Futures," consisting of a stylized "cf" in purple on the left and the text "Channel Futures" in which "Channel" is in purple and "Futures" is in gray. The logo is set against a white background.
Hybrides Arbeitsmodell: Open Systems geht auf Sicherheitsbedenken mobiler Mitarbeiter ein
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Logo of SheCanCode with the text "SheCanCode" in bold orange font, accompanied by a circular icon on the left.
Open Systems’ CPO explains how to identify companies committed to gender diversity
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A group of people work at computer stations in a modern control room with large digital screens displaying a world map and various data. The room, integral to our SD-WAN backbone, has an industrial look with exposed beams and ductwork. The atmosphere is focused and professional.

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