Stellen Sie agile, sichere Netzwerke für Ihre globalen Aktivitäten bereit

Hersteller müssen heute eine globale Umgebung kontrollieren und sichern, die schwierige oder entfernte Standorte, veraltete Systeme zur Maschinensteuerung und IoT umfassen kann – und das bei ständig steigenden Anforderungen an die Effizienz und Geschwindigkeit ihrer digitalen Abläufe.


Learn how a global manufacturing company KEMET managed to bring optimal performance of business-critical apps while seamlessly migrating to the Cloud in a secure and cost-effective manner.

Challenges in Manufacturing

Costly, rigid and unreliable connectivity to and from difficult locations
Unreliable application performance (cloud and on-prem) which frustrates users and IT team
Limited security for all users and devices (from remote access to legacy machines)

Zuverlässige Konnektivität in Ihrem gesamten Unternehmen

Organizations face costly and rigid network issues, including problematic new site connections and connectivity challenges in remote areas, leading to increased costs and reduced efficiency.

Open Systems addresses these issues with flexible, reliable connectivity and performance guarantees, even in challenging locations, using compliant WAN backbone and expert teams for rapid network architecture and SASE implementation.

Sichere Maschinenfernsteuerung und IoT

Inconsistent cloud backbone connectivity and poor application performance lead to decreased productivity and increased IT burdens.

Open Systems offers robust connectivity and expert operations for reliable application performance, with a comprehensive hybrid platform adaptable to organizational needs. Our state-of-the-art platform ensures end-to-end performance, while our 24×7 NOC, staffed with Tier 3 engineers, handles most issues without customer involvement.

Globale Zusammenarbeit mit einem leistungsstarken SD-WAN

Inadequate security in manufacturing, especially with legacy technology and remote access, poses significant risks including data breaches and operational disruptions. These vulnerabilities, from internal threats to insecure IIoT devices, demand robust security measures like Secure Remote Access and Zero Trust protocols.

Open Systems tackles these security concerns by implementing extensive security measures, focusing on enhanced visibility and control in OT environments, and ensuring a robust manufacturing environment with its Zero Trust strategy.