Kontrolle und Verwaltung der Netzwerkbandbreite

Network traffic is on the rise and is becoming more difficult to predict. Purchasing bandwidth, whether MPLS WAN or broadband, usually requires committing to contracts, most of them being long term. It’s difficult to justify any bandwidth expenditure without first making sure networks are optimized. IT professionals are proactive and can use network bandwidth analyzers to understand how well their networks are performing. That data can be used to establish a baseline to begin the optimization process and measure how well tools, procedures, and techniques are performing.

A 3 Step Approach to Implementing
Bandwidth Monitoring and Control

Laden Sie unser eBook herunter. Dieser neue Ansatz für die Vernetzung umfasst eine Reihe von vollständig integrierten, über die Cloud verwalteten Security-Services, die vor Ort oder in der Cloud mit zentral verwalteter Sicherheit bereitgestellt werden. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie:

  • Verringerung der Komplexität und des betrieblichen Aufwands
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit / Transparenz für Anwender
  • Mehr Sicherheit durch einen Zero-Trust-Netzwerkzugriff

Open Systems provides one homogeneous view of the entire network, including the traffic loads and patterns for various applications. Embedded Open Systems technology analyses and identifies what type of traffic is passing through the network.

  • It classifies the traffic and associates it with multiple types of applications.
  • It can also be configured to identify unique customer applications that require high levels of performance and priority-routing.
  • Network performance is continually monitored for various applications to ensure that QoS requirements are met.

Open Systems removes the tedious configuration and guesswork out of network management. It adds an intelligent and autonomous layer that manages network configuration to ensure QoS levels are met and costs are contained.

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