Abstract digital artwork with a flowing wave-like pattern comprised of small green dots that gradually fade into the white background. The wavy design, reminiscent of an SD-WAN backbone, creates a sense of movement and fluidity.

College of Southern Nevada

Security-First treibt digitale Transformation

As one of the 10 largest community colleges in the US – with nearly 48,000 students, staff, and faculty – the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) had a bold vision to change the digital learning paradigm. In the case studies below, learn how leveraging Open Systems’ SASE Experience enabled CSN to deliver a secure cloud strategy that optimized resources, saved overhead costs, and minimized complexity.

Logo of the College of Southern Nevada featuring a stylized, blue and yellow star-shaped graphic on the left and the text "CSN College of Southern Nevada" in blue on the right, set against a light gray background.

Colleges im Fokus: Erschwinglicher Schutz, der erkennt und reagiert

A person stands at the front of a dimly lit classroom using a computer, while several students sit at desks facing the instructor, each working on desktop computers connected via an SD-WAN backbone. A large projection screen behind the instructor displays text and articles.

Der Ausstieg aus dem Cybersecurity-Geschäft ist die klügste Entscheidung, die ein CISO treffen kann

A graduate wearing a blue cap and gown, like a proud SASE vendor standing out in the SD-Wan backbone of their field, smiles and waves amidst a sea of fellow graduates in identical attire during the graduation ceremony.

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