Open Systems übernimmt Tiberium für Automatisierungs- und Kollaborationstechnologie zur schnelleren und gezielteren Abwehr von Cyberbedrohungen

Tiberium’s advanced automation and collaboration capabilities will accelerate development of Open Systems’ next-generation managed detection and response (MDR) services

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – November 29, 2022 – Open Systems, a leading provider of next-gen managed detection and response (MDR) services and winner of the 2022 Microsoft Security MSSP Partner of the Year award, today announced its acquisition of Tiberium, a U.K.-based provider of highly automated managed security services based on Microsoft security solutions. Open Systems will leverage Tiberium’s advanced automation and collaboration capabilities to help customers prioritize, decide and act on reducing their risk and mitigating cyberthreats faster than ever before.

“Tiberium’s experience in automating security will allow us to detect and respond to threats faster and more impactfully. As importantly, automation increases our ability to proactively protect customers, and to expand our advantage over competitive ‘reactive’ MDR solutions,” said Geoff Haydon, CEO of Open Systems. “Quickly containing detected cyberthreats is certainly important. Preventing them altogether, however, is our ultimate goal.”

Automation is increasingly recognized as a key to improving the effectiveness of cyber defenses. Though often affiliated with response actions, automation can be applied to many areas of the cybersecurity lifecycle including threat detection and investigation. Tiberium leverages advanced automation to consistently expedite Tier 1 alert triage and investigation, freeing up security analysts to focus on more complex threats.

Complementing its automation capabilities, Tiberium’s unique collaboration model will allow Open Systems security analysts to interact with customers in real time on any device at any time. Its highly innovative use of Microsoft Teams leverages Power Platform and OpenAI to give customers faster access to their designated SOC resources and information critical to quickly making informed decisions.

Tiberium was founded by its CEO Drew Perry with the objective of using automation to provide superior services compared to traditional MDR providers. From its headquarters in London, the company has expanded quickly, serving a growing number of customers, predominantly in the financial and legal industries. Extensive automation and the use of Microsoft Teams for customer collaboration are key to Tiberium’s ability to serve customers efficiently with a comparatively small SecOps team.

Tiberium is the first UK-based Microsoft Sentinel next-gen XDR provider and its current service offerings, which include XDR/Managed SOC, are based on Microsoft security solutions. Like Open Systems, Tiberium is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA).

“We are excited to join forces with Open Systems who shares our vision of automation and real-time collaboration to dramatically improve customers security maturity,” said Perry. “We both have deep expertise in Microsoft security and are now taking our game changing SecOps model to a global audience.”

The companies’ commitment to Microsoft customers and their deep understanding of Microsoft security solutions have received prominent public recognition, including:

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Tiberium is an automation and collaboration focused XDR provider built with Microsoft technology and a MISA (Microsoft Intelligent Security Association) member. We lead the way with Tiberium MYTHIC, a managed XDR service that helps prevent, detect and react to security incidents. MYTHIC is powered by our world leading automation engine, Tiberium FROST, which drives security and time saving benefits by combating threat actors. We have pioneered genuine collaboration by developing the world’s first Microsoft Teams Cyber Defence integration – creating incident response actions, delivering real time dashboards, security hardening recommendations and the ability to interact directly with our Cyber Defenders. Our customers love it. Beyond automation, our human led threat hunting is proactive and helps spot things software won’t find on its own. Discover more at