What is SIEM?

Security Information and Event Management

When it Comes to Cybersecurity – There is No Such Thing as an Unfair Advantage

Cyber-criminals are tilting the playing field to their advantage.  They no longer use just their keyboards.

They are relying on AI, machine learning, and automation to conduct attacks.  The dark web has become a shopping mall for malware, exploitation kits, and cyber-attack services.  Any bad actor with enough cryptocurrency can become a cybercriminal.

There is Nothing Fair about Cybercrime

IT professionals responsible for cyber-security have a difficult challenge.  As the value of their sensitive data increases, so does the determination of cybercriminals to make it their own.  The situation is compounded with an ever-expanding attack surface caused by a rise in remote users and cloud applications.

Cybercriminals have elevated the bar leaving many organizations with new vulnerabilities.  The old methods of manually managing security can’t keep pace with an army of automated bad actors intent on doing harm.

IT professionals need to tilt the cybersecurity playing field back into their favor.  They need cloud-based cybersecurity, global-scale resources, autonomous threat response, and AI-driven threat detection and prioritization.

In the event of a data breach, businesses and public sector agencies face tremendous costs—and even the potential for criminal penalties—for privacy law non-compliance. A breach can also cause significant damage to a brand or to your agency’s reputation.

Read this white paper to find out how MDR can minimize the impact of a breach.

Understanding SIEM, SOAR, and SOC-as-a-Service

To regain their advantage, IT professionals are turning to new technologies and services.

Consider an MDR Service

Implementing and monitoring a SIEM, managing a SOAR, and operating a 24 x 7 SOC staffed with cybersecurity experts is expensive and complex.   Many organizations have opted to use a professional cybersecurity provider instead of implementing a DIY ‘do it yourself’ plan.  They rely on an MDR (Managed Detection and Response) provider for world-class cybersecurity.  As a bonus, MDR customers have also experienced a 50% reduction in cybersecurity costs.

A professional MDR service encompasses nearly all the processes, technologies, and techniques used to deter, detect, contain, and remediate cybersecurity threats and attacks.  This includes remote users, cloud applications, compute clouds, WANs, and remote sites.

  • More advanced MDR service providers not only instruct the user on how to contain and remediate cyber-attacks but also if allowed behind the firewall, will help bring attacks to ground.
  • Leading MDR providers can also replace or augment the traditional SOC (Security Operation Center) with SOC-as-a-Service.
  • The customer can be involved in cybersecurity issues to whatever level they require, minimal to very hands-on.

Open Systems Delivers Cybersecurity Advantages to IT Professionals

Please contact our customer advocates to learn more about our SIEM/SOAR and SOC-as-a-Service offering.  Learn more about a complete cybersecurity posture with MDR (Managed Detection and Response) or SASE (Secure Access Service Edge).