Open Systems

Engage Next-Gen Monitoring, Detection, and Response

Open Systems XDR+ not only unifies our EDR, NDR, and MDR+ into one well-orchestrated service, we add a new dimension – cross-domain intelligence.

It starts with AI, automation, and a global SIEM. It ends with our global team of cybersecurity experts. To remain secure in today’s cyber world, you need a new dimension to cybersecurity. That’s the added intelligence and expertise we include with our XDR+ service.

Intelligent Cybersecurity,
Managed by Experts

XDR+ is delivered as a service from our cloud platform. Our intelligence is integrated throughout all our detection and response services and managed centrally by our global network of expert SOC and NOC engineers.

Network Detection and Response


Turn your SD-WAN into a global mesh of virtual traffic sensors—without additional appliances. Our AI-driven NDR provides the answer—detects compromised systems quickly and enables efficient analysis and response.

Endpoint Detection and Response


EDR provides continuous monitoring and includes threat intelligence and rule-based behavioral analysis to detect compromises before they spread laterally within your organization.

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Managed Detection and Response


Our scalable platform helps detect threats early to limit the damage. It combines human know how, with advanced automated threat detection, and the best sensor technology.

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Minimize the Impact of a Breach

If a threat exploits a gap not protected by cybersecurity safeguards, MDR+ and our experts can help. We minimize the damage a threat can cause by finding and containing it quickly and preventing it from ever happening again.

Contain Threats and Simplify Management

reduction in annual security cost
reduction in security breach impact
average breach impact reduction

MDR+ Service Plans

Our MDR+ service plans combine 24×7 expertise with capabilities to protect, detect and respond to cyberthreats – all unified on a flexible platform.