Automation & collaboration technology mitigates cyberthreats with greater speed & accuracy

On November 29, Open Systems acquired Tiberium, a Microsoft-focused managed detection and response (MDR) provider based in the U.K. Open Systems made this acquisition for three reasons:

  • Our shared vision to mitigate risk and reduce security complexity for Microsoft customers
  • Advanced automation and collaboration capabilities will help our customers prioritize, decide, and act quickly to reduce risk
  • Providing localized support for our customers in the UKI market

About Tiberium

  • Microsoft-focused MSSP/MDR provider​
  • First UK-based Microsoft Sentinel MSSP
  • Target market: primarily financial, legal, SMBs​
  • Microsoft Gold Partner​
  • MISA Member​

For more information, visit the Tiberium website.

Why Open Systems + Tiberium

Shared Microsoft Vision

Both companies exclusively focus on using the Microsoft security and collaboration ecosystems to solve security challenges, helping customers do more with less​.

Accelerated Product Innovation

Tiberium brings advanced automation and collaboration capabilities that will enable better, faster security decision-making and execution for our customers, allowing them to reduce risk and mitigate threats faster than ever.​

Elevated Presence in UKI Market

With their strong UK and EMEA presence, Tiberium will help us accelerate our GTM in several strategic regions​.

Driving Outcomes for Customers

Together, Open Systems and Tiberium will empower customers with:

  • Proactive prevention to reduce risk and avoid threats before they become breaches
  • Faster, more accurate decision-making and execution through automation, localization, and improved collaboration to reduce MTTR
  • Continuous measurement and learning to identify areas of optimization and improvement to strengthen overall security over time

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