Cyberthreat Hunting

We Hunt and Contain Sophisticated and Fast-moving Threats

Increased volumes and complexity of cyberthreats, too many siloed security systems, and not enough experts to manage it all create a perfect storm – a storm that cybercriminals are exploiting.

  • Mission Control, our integrated SOC and NOC security experts, hunt, find and contain cyberthreats, so you don’t have to.
  • Our proactive MDR+ security service detects and contains threats before they spread.
  • Fast-moving cyberthreats are outpaced quickly by our artificial intelligence, automation, and real-time hunting tools.

The Threat Stops Here


Our trained and experienced, globally-connected security engineers are experts in hunting and containing cyberthreats. They learn your business and infrastructure inside out, perform assessments and scans, and manage your day-to-day cybersecurity operations 24x7. They have streamlined processes, up-to-date runbooks, and an arsenal of tools with 360° visibility of your environment. Count on them to hunt, contain, and remediate cyberthreats, so you don't have to.

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Open Systems MDR+ with Mission Control is the only managed detection and response service that protects customers today and increases their security maturity for tomorrow. Built for Microsoft security customers, MDR+ combines certified experts, exemplary processes, and seamless technology to deliver tailored, 24x7 protection while reducing attack surfaces and response time.

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Azure Sentinel

We hunt cyberthreats in many ways, including collecting security data from SASE+, ZTNA, EDR, NDR, MDR+, CASB, NextGenFW, SWG, SMG, and more. Data is analyzed by a world-leading SIEM, Microsoft Sentinel, which collects nine petabytes of security data from around the world every day and can find threats in seconds. We also develop tools which track the course of a cyberthreat on a visual chart and provide everything needed to contain and bring it to ground – quickly.

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Real-Time Cyberthreat Hunting

Our security experts use AI and automation to outpace cyberthreats. Our autonomous automated processes race ahead of incidents and contain them in real-time with minimal business disruption.  In seconds, orchestrated security services allow a single action or event to trigger multiple hunting and containment processes across connected domains and services.

An Army of Experts

Bad actors study your defenses and continually create new schemes. What they don’t know is that we’re constantly hunting them. Not only are our alerts enriched with new contextual and analytical information to help find and stop new cyberthreats, but our experts combine threat origin data and machine learning with their experience to better prepared for future incidents. The knowledge they gain is used to enrich cyberthreat profile libraries, eliminate security vulnerabilities, and design new cybersecurity defenses for the future.