Cloud Application Security

Organizations of all sizes are continuing to turn to the advantages of SaaS for day-to-day productivity—from Office 365 to and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to other cloud-based apps for data storage, file-sharing, and other collaborative tools.

As more and more of these essential apps are hosted in the cloud, they bring additional cybersecurity concerns for CSOs and IT administrators.

Common Cloud Security Vulnerabilities

Common cloud application security vulnerabilities include:

Effective Cloud Application Management

With so many vital applications transitioning to the cloud, where and how can network administrators achieve and maintain effective cloud application management?

Open Systems delivers cloud app management solutions, enabling reliable, scalable cloud access to all users from any remote location. From a centralized single-pane-of-glass interface, IT administrators can effectively monitor all applications across their cloud network:

  • Tracking all active cloud services and specific user endpoints
  • Automating Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies to guard against emerging security threats.
  • Ensuring all cloud-based apps meet 24/7 regulatory compliance for protected data.
  • Establishing a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) framework to prevent any unauthorized network data access—internally or externally.
  • Identifying potentially compromised user accounts.
  • Facilitating rapid response/remediation of suspected data breaches.

Open Systems' Industry-leading Cybersecurity

As cloud-based apps are increasingly vital for every business organization, IT teams scramble for any advantage to maintain seamless access, reliability, and security for every user. A trusted partner can help.

Speak with an Open Systems customer advocate to learn more about how our three decades of network experience can deliver optimized cloud application management solutions, as well as how to leverage further our leading-edge ZTNA, MDR, and SASE services.