What is Cloud Risk Assessment ?

Businesses across the globe complied with stay-at-home orders caused by the pandemic. As millions of people worked from home, cloud adoption soared.

For most businesses, the pandemic was unexpected, as was their rapid migration to cloud services. There was little time to perform research and implement policies for cloud applications. Less focus was given to perfection, and more emphasis was placed on time to production. Operational practices and policies, such as ensuring cybersecurity, weren’t perfect. They were ‘good enough.’

Thanks to an army of cybercriminals, cyber-attacks on cloud environments have risen six-fold since the beginning of 2020.
They use various new techniques and technologies to threaten cloud environments. Most cybercriminals conduct attacks in hopes of achieving financial gains. Others are state-sponsored actors or involved in corporate espionage. Some threats are a nuisance, while others do significant damage. Business losses include productivity, capital assets, confidential data, opportunity, and an organization’s reputation.

The cloud environment is continually evolving. As existing threats are halted, new vulnerabilities are exposed, and additional attacks are started.

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Cloud Vulnerabilities and Threats

There are many categories of vulnerabilities and threats associated with cloud environments. They include data breaches, insufficient access management, weak control planes, and insider threats.

How Secure Is Your Cloud?

Cloud use, cybersecurity, and threats are continually evolving and may be unfamiliar to some IT professionals. Many businesses have found it worthwhile to obtain a cloud security risk assessment from a company experienced in identifying vulnerabilities and providing ‘hands-on’ cybersecurity solutions.

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