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About Open Systems

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Data Science Services

Every Company Will Be a Data Company

Data takes the guesswork out of decisions, makes you more efficient and competitive, and helps you better provide what your customers want. Using data to build a new product or service that achieves these goals isn’t simple. You need expertise, tools, and a development team.

  • Refine your data with analytics, intelligent tools, processes, and machine learning
  • Evolve data and make it interactive and usable with APIs and GUIs
  • Deliver new data-driven products and services to employees, customers, and partners

We take your data and build it into products and services that can be used every day

Our development methodology starts with your goals, your organization, and your data. It ends with a tangible real-world product or service that people can use every day. We design solutions that increase revenue and efficiency, create new business models, provide a better customer experience, or improve risk management. We can help you through the entire process or only where you need support most.

We take your data and build it into products and services that can be used every day

Do More with Your Data

Our team of data sciences experts do more than analyze your data. We partner with you at every step of the project to ensure your team has the powerful decision-making capabilities needed to meet your strategic objectives.

Consulting and Services

Our consulting and development services are flexible. We understand that every organization has different needs and that things change. We offer deep and broad data expertise across all domains and have the customers and credentials to prove it. We work with you on what you need today, foresee what’s next, and prepare you for the future.

Whether you need help in a specific area or want to develop a new product or service from scratch, we’re eager to help you achieve your goal.

Consulting and Services