MDR+ Service Plan

Combining Certified Experts, Exemplary Processes, and Seamless Technology

The Open Systems MDR+ service plan consists of continuous assessment, prevention, detection and response capabilities delivered as a fully managed service.

Based on a recent Forrester Consulting study, MDR+ customers experience a 174% ROI, nearly $4 million in benefits and payback in less than six months. Our comprehensive capabilities will mitigate threats and reduce risk at your organization, with a high return on investment.

MDR+ Service Plan

Mitigate Threats and Reduce Risk

Assessment and configuration

Finely tuned detection logic and response actions ensures the best possible protection for critical assets

Meticulous definition of escalation procedures and Rules of Engagement provides total clarity on who does what in every situation, from daily operations to emergency responses 

24x7 proactive detection and response

Automated handling of mundane security operations allows your internal security teams to focus on higher-value work 

Prompt investigation, escalation, and response for true positives (as agreed in the Rules of Engagement)

Round-the-clock escalations, tickets, and support calls to top-tier security experts 

Use of curated threat intelligence for improved detection capabilities 

Ongoing assessment, tuning, and prevention

Continual reduction of false positives 

Continuous delivery of new detection use cases to improve protection against the evolving threat landscape 

Reporting, auditability, and transparency

Monthly status meetings with your Mission Control engineer to continually assess environmental changes and security posture impact 

Monthly reporting from the Mission Control security operations center (SOC)

Real-time auditability of all incidents through an integrated ticketing system 

Access to a security incident navigator that consolidates all information relevant to a given incident, for improved visibility and coordination 

Strong user authentication, with audit trail of all user access

Enforced change management processes by comprehensive ticketing system and built-in sign-off procedures  

Full audit log of change requests made by Mission Control engineers, who provide clarification and feedback in the case of any hidden risks 

Log search capability for all logs collected over a period you define (minimum 90 days, optionally up to seven years)

Reporting to meet compliance needs, such as Service Organization Controls 1 Type 2 (SOC 1) 

Technology lifecycle management and risk coverage

Continuous monitoring, operation and adaptation of all detection and response components on all potential attack surfaces 

If Open Systems network sensors are deployed: analysis, testing, and installation of software upgrades on network sensors 

If Open Systems network sensors are deployed: free replacement of network sensors if defective, outdated, or if quality or availability of implemented systems can no longer be guaranteed 

Available add-on service

MDR+ IoT: Expanded telemetry from Microsoft Defender for IoT that allows Mission Control to correlate alerts and minimize false positives from IoT and OT sources


Mitigate threats and reduce risk