Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

Securing Your Network Requires a Team of SOC Experts

Open Systems SOC Services

Open Systems’ SOC provides cybersecurity monitoring and services that augment and extend your internal security team. Our globally connected SOCs are staffed by world-class cybersecurity analysts and engineers. They are experts in preventing, detecting, and responding to security incidents and stopping them from happening again.  They use policies, procedures, automation, and special tools such as SIEM, three-dimensional AI, and unique analyzers to accomplish their goals.

Not only does our cloud-delivered SOC service improve your cybersecurity, but it can cut your security costs in half by replacing or consolidating existing tools and suppliers.

The Open Systems SOC relieves your IT team from day-to-day security complexity and time-consuming operations so they can focus on other priorities.

Our SOC Delivers Beyond Expectations

Open Systems SOCs help enterprises across the globe feel confident that all their users, applications, and data are protected no matter where they are located. Our top-tier cloud-delivered SOC services are comprehensive and include:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 continuous cybersecurity monitoring by globally-connected experts, analysts, and engineers.
  • Leading-edge cybersecurity technologies, including AI and machine learning.
  • Single-pane-of-glass customer portal for complete 360° visibility and simple co-management by customers to any level required.
  • Services include MDR, NDR, and EDR – SWG, NGFW, CASB, MEP (mobile entry point), and more.
  • Seamless integration with our SASE, ZTNA, and SD-WAN services.
  • Security planning and future proofing with support for regulatory compliance.

We Learn Your Business

Our unique DevSecOps methodology means the same people who help develop our cybersecurity services also learn, monitor, and secure your environment. You’ll have knowledge-based support from a SOC that understands and reacts quickly to your needs.

More companies are augmenting their internal security efforts with our cloud-delivered top-tier SOC service. You’ll experience quicker threat detection, containment, and remediation.  We aim to help you feel confident that your organization is protected from endpoint to cloud, to core, to anywhere.