Comparing the Cost Benefits of MDR+ vs. Bringing Cybersecurity In-House

MDR+ gathers large volumes of security data and analyzes it with advanced AI. It eliminates low-level threats automatically and presents the remaining results to our security experts for further review.

One way of measuring the cost benefits of MDR+ vs. providing cybersecurity in-house is to understand the value of having a high-security posture with MDR+ and comparing it to the cost of not having enough cybersecurity. That includes the climbing costs of continually adding more people, systems, and vendors to keep pace with ever-increasing threats. Those costs can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Add to that the high price of any damage done by a cybersecurity incident, which could reach millions of dollars per breach. Both those costs are significantly reduced or virtually eliminated by MDR+.

Cost-Efficient Peace of Mind

Comparing the cost of providing cybersecurity in-house to Open Systems MDR+ isn’t just dollars and cents. It’s risk vs. peace of mind. Before exploring the sample costs of MDR+ vs. a do-it-yourself strategy, it helps to understand why our customers sleep better at night.

Why MDR+?

24x7 cybersecurity management by experts and automated playbooks.

Larger number of well-placed and distributed cybersecurity sensors.

Seamless and streamlined service with centralized and harmonized data.

Global SIEM and AI threat sensing, identification, and prioritization.

Open Systems' Mission Control customer portal.

Seamless integration with other Open Systems cloud-delivered security services such as SASE+, ZTNA+, EDR, NDR, and more.

Why Is It Better?

Quicker threat containment, faster remediation, experienced support, and security consulting.

Complete cybersecurity over the entire MDR+ protected infrastructure.

No complexity, management silos, disparate systems, missing data, or multiple vendors to support.

Less false positives, more insightful alerts, quick remediation.

360° visibility with contextual insights and threat hunting.

Easily expand cybersecurity capabilities to meet the future needs of a growing organization.

Reduce Costs by 50%

MDR+ reduces your annual security costs by more than 50% vs. a do-it-yourself strategy.

Reduce Costs by 50%

Lower the financial impact of a breach by ~74%

If a security threat enters your environment through a security gap not protected by MDR+, we can lower the average financial impact of $3.86 million down to only $1.01 million – Saving you $2.85 million.

(Note: Breach cost reduction is based on the 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report by the Ponemon Institute, indicating that the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million, which Open Systems MDR+ can either eliminate or reduce by -$2,850,000 or ~74%.)

Lower the financial impact of a breach by ~74%