See the Cost-Saving Benefits Customers Experience with MDR+

Organizations are struggling to unlock the value of their security investments, lacking the necessary resources, talent, and capabilities to run an effective security operations center (SOC). When reviewing the costs, effort, and ramp-up time it would take for most organizations to run cybersecurity in-house, the cost benefit of MDR+ is very clear.

A recent Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) From Open Systems, conducted an in-depth analysis of the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Open Systems MDR+. Forrester found that MDR+ customers enjoy an ROI of 174%, total benefits of almost $4 million, and a payback period of fewer than six months.

MDR+ ROI At a Glance

Massive business benefits with a payback period of fewer than six months

MDR+ saves you millions in direct, annual security costs compared to a do-it-yourself strategy. Through a rigorous examination of existing MDR+ customers, Forrester identified the following five benefits, for each of which the cost savings (three-year cost savings for an organization with 5,000 knowledge workers) could be quantified.

Improved security posture with better visibility and faster threat detection and remediation

Scale security operations with 66% fewer security operations headcount

Improved the productivity of existing SOC staff by 35% and IT staff by 65%

Improved business continuity and productivity, cutting average end-user downtime by two hours per year

Reduced audit resource hours by 80%

Total value of quantified benefits

Cost Savings


>$1.8 million




Approximately $4 million

Cost-efficient Peace of Mind

MDR+ offers peace of mind that comes from making proactive security investments.

Our deep Microsoft expertise comes from working with a broad range of Microsoft customer environments. We pair continuous assessment and prevention practices with advanced detection and tailored responses, feeding a virtuous security lifecycle that strengthens your security posture the longer you use it. Our global SOC organization takes a follow-the-sun global approach, so nobody works the night shift.

And when you work with us, we foster a collaborative security environment through a single source of truth for meaningful security data – freeing up your security analysts to spend their time on strategic security work.

All of this would be extremely costly – or, in some cases, impossible – to replicate in-house.

Avoid the High Cost of a Security Breach

While the exact costs of a breach will vary significantly based on the circumstances, Forrester Consulting has evaluated a risk reduction of 30% for organizations leveraging Open Systems MDR+. These costs include:

  • Fines paid to regulatory bodies
  • Customer reimbursements / lawsuits
  • Incident response and remediation
  • Lost revenues
  • Brand equity rebuild costs
  • Cost of customer acquisition

MDR+ Increases Security Maturity

CISOs and CIOs have the last word: Read how MDR+ has enabled our customers to increase their security maturity.

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“The service that Open Systems provides for us is actually fulfilling the need of 10, maybe even 12 full-time individuals. With Open Systems, they’re doing the engineering, they’re doing the analysis, they’re building capabilities that I don’t have to shoulder myself.”
Reginald Williams

Chief Information Security Officer, The Chemours Company

“We originally thought we just needed a SOC as a service where someone could come in and give us oversight ... we found we needed someone to come in and manage all our hardware [and] software, as well as an ongoing managed service to give us 24x7 SOC services, as well as remediation.”

Higher education

"We were looking for a vendor that had a solid partnership with Microsoft and demonstrated skills around the Azure ecosystem. We needed a vendor skilled in Microsoft native products and able to integrate security solutions for endpoint detection and response with Azure managed security services – one that could accommodate the strategy of a customer like us that was heavily investing in Microsoft platforms."

Intergovernmental organization