Proactive Threat Hunting

Stop Threats Before They Start

Be on the Offensive

Every successful defense includes an aggressive offense. Proactive threat hunting means we’re not waiting for an incident to unfold. We’re continually scanning and actively monitoring your environment 24x7x365. We combine the experience of our security experts with a myriad of intelligent security services and well-honed tools to search for threats that lie dormant or run undetected on your network. We find threats quickly and bring them to ground before they start.

Outpace and Outsmart

Today’s bad actors learn from their mistakes and use AI to create more sophisticated threats. What they don’t expect is that we’re ahead of them.

  • Outsmart bad actors with our army of trained and highly experienced security experts equipped with the latest intelligence, contextual data, and cutting-edge tools.
  • 24x7x365 continuous scanning and monitoring of your environment by Mission Control, our integrated SOC and NOC, along with a slew of cloud-delivered threat detection and response services, ensure a high-security posture.
  • Our seamless cybersecurity services eliminate gaps and protect any global enterprise from endpoint, to edge, to cloud, to anywhere.
  • AI-driven security data analytics is performed by Microsoft Sentinel, one of the world’s most complete and powerful global SIEMs.
  • Outpace threats with cross-domain automation, service orchestration, and hunting tools like our Analyst Workbench and unified customer portal with 360° visibility and actionable insights.

Threat hunting combines human intelligence, experience, and skills with information, analytics, automated security tools, detection services, and procedures.

But one thing is often left out of that equation. It’s the commitment a company has to ensuring their customers remain protected. At Open Systems, we hunt threats because we care passionately about keeping our customers secure and work to exceed their expectations every day. No matter where your users work, how many sites you have, or where business assets and applications are located, your security is our priority.